Final Filtre 2030: LP/Notch Voltage Controlled Filter 

FF2030 Final Filtre

  • Fifth Order Switched Capacitor LP and Notch Filter
  • Tracking Smoothing and Anti Alias Filters
  • 1V/Octave Frequency Voltage Control Input
  • Q Voltage Control Input (with self oscillation)
  • Built In LFO/A/D with Gate Input, Gate Button and Voltage Output 

  • (Internally connected to control frequency)
  • Eight Octave Frequency Range
  • Very Low Noise Design
  • Optimized for Modular Signal Levels (10V p-p) 
Using switched capacitor filter ICs results in a very accurate high order filter with a sharp response. Plus, the noise level is the lowest of any voltage controlled filter on the market today. From a very fat response at low Qs to a sharp slicing signal at high Qs to pure self oscillation, the Final Filtre is in a class of it's own. 

No Longer in Production

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