Klang Werk Balanced "Ring" Modulator  2010 

Prepare to leave the realm of the equally tempered scale and enter a strange new dimension....
  • Advanced, high SNR, maximum carrier suppression, Analog Devices balanced modulator IC
  • Built-in voltage controlled, low distortion, high stability, sine wave carrier generator
  • Built-in voltage controlled, 3-way waveform modulator operates on the sine wave or external carrier input. 
  • Built-in envelope follower for separate +/- control of the carrier generator and waveform modulator. 
  • Built-in X10 signal preamp with signal level LED. 
  • Built-in output mixer for signal/effect mix. 
  • Choice of external or internal carrier, with AC/DC coupling switch (for VCA use). 
  • 3 RU high (5.25", 133.4mm) by 3" (76.2mm) wide; allow 7" (177.8mm) depth. Compatible with Paia FracRak. Voltage required: +/-15vdc regulated @ +60/-30mA. Optional on-board regulators for +/-18vdc unregulated supply. Jacks: 1/8" (3.5mm). Panel is black anodized, with white lettering. 
The Balanced Modulator with its bell-like, dissonant modulations is one of the key sound generators of electronic music. In operation, the two input frequencies are multiplied and the sum and difference output with the fundamentals suppressed. The resulting tones can exhibit rare beauty or serious cacophony.  <>With a built-in envelope follower and three way voltage controlled waveform modulator, this module goes way beyond conventional ring modulators. Klang Werk packs a whole lot of modular synth into a small package, but doesn't take anything away from its use as a traditional module.

It truly is the "WERKs".

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