Mini Wave 2090: Voltage Controlled Wavetable Device 

Extremely versatile -- a modular "must have"!

The Blacet/Wiard Mini Wave is our incredibly popular wavetable lookup device with 256 on board waveforms (256 bytes per waveform). You drive it with a VCO sawtooth wave and it tracks the input frequency. Or, drive it with any waveform for some amazing distortion effects! Wave and Bank selection are voltage controllable! You will want more than one.

  • 256 waveform EPROM included
  • Second LIF EPROM socket (empty) with PROM Select switch (Add "Socket Rocket" -- see order page)
  • Applications include: 
    • audio waveform bank
    • complex LFO functions
    • random functions
    • non linear waveform distortion
    • quantizer
Audio Samples:  Socket Rocket EPROM: 256 more waveforms


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