About Blacet Research

37 Years of Innovation

Blacet Research got started in 1978 and was called Blacet Music Research. A series of DIY articles in Synapse and Polyphony magazines led to the introduction of some analog/digital synthesis modules in kit form. These included the Digital Pattern Generator, the Voltage Controlled Clock (with Event Arranger), the Phasefilter and the Frequency Divider.

Later products were two analog delays, one of which was called the Time Machine, and the self contained wand controlled synthesizer, the Syn-Bow. The Dark Star, a mini noise based synthesis module was also available.

The early 80's brought the digital synthesizer revolution and MIDI. Demand for analog products and kit projects fell to near zero levels. Our final product from that era was Instantmod, a ribbon controller for the Casio CZ101.

Blacet Research evolved into the computer aided design field, industrial electronic controllers, and later branched into multimedia design. We never lost our love for the art of sound synthesis and music, however and kept our hand in by providing soundtracks for video productions.

Now, analog is alive again as musicians used to the digital realm began to pick up old analog gear and explore the unique qualities inherent in this area of technology. Several new and old companies provide gear that combines some of the best of the old with the new.

Our goal is to provide professionally designed modules with unique sounds and features, using the most interesting technology available.


We are one of a few companies that make compact voltage controlled modules in both kit and assembled form. Our professional quality kit building documentation is second to none and greatly eases the building of our modules by beginner and seasoned pro alike.

Because we assemble the same modules at the factory on a daily basis, we are always aware of any improvements that need to be made or issues that need to be brought to the customers attention. You get the same complete documentation package whether you buy the kit or assembled product. This includes schematics, parts list, board see thru drawing, assembly drawing for the board and front panel, calibration procedures and complete operation guide.

Our parts are carefully selected and tested to ensure long module life and reliability. We use only double sided printed circuit boards with soldermask and two ounce copper for lifetime reliability. We are the only company that has reverse polarity and short circuit protection at the power inlet of each module.

We have made the effort to design our own custom power supply, because it makes sense in terms of weight savings, reliability and connectability. We have designed our own rack mount system to ensure light weight and superb quality at the lowest cost.

We have made the commitment to have product "on the shelves", ready to ship on short notice. Unlike some companies that "build to order", making the customer wait weeks or months (or years) for delivery, we have a 80% same or next day shipping record. The balance of shipments are typically less than a week. New products may take a bit longer due to increased demand.

In the end, however, our customers have supplied us with the best references. Here are some of the many unsolicited comments sent to us:

"I'm hooked!!!! Thanks for the incredible synth modules!!!! -- CH

"I am truly satisfied with these kits, thanks Blacet!" -- BH

Klangwerk: "I tested other Ringmodulators and yours is the best. The sound quality of the Klangwerk
is unsurpassed." -- O.G.

Mini Wave: "Short review: Every modular needs at least one." -- MD

Kits: "I must say, your kits are about a billion times better.  He does
not number his components by their physical location on the board like you
do, but by their location on the schematic.  This becomes a real hassle
finding resistors when there's million of them on a board and the numbering
sequence follows no logical flow on the PBCA.  Also, some of his screened
nomenclature leaves the exact locations of parts they are marking
questionable - they aren't always placed inside the component box like yours
are and sometimes the exact location of holes aren't obvious in that there
are feedthroughs and whatnot close by that would easily facilitate the lead
if you don't sit there and look closely.  Also,  the holes themselves are
huge - it takes more solder, more heat and more time to fill them.  Also
also, he doesn't mark component values in the assembly diagram in his
instructions - this is totally wack and I'll curse myself if I have to
trouble shoot something.

So, just so you know, if his kits are an eight, yours are about a 25."

VCO: "I finished calibrating the VCO today and all turned out well.  Man...does
this VCO sound great!!  Mr. Blacet, you make good modules!  Thanks again for
your help." -- M.T.

Kits: "I own ten Blacet modules, all from kits and have recently made a Miniwave as
well.  I have easily 100 hours on all of them and I can tell ya, John's
stuff is top notch in both their design conventions, musicality and the
thoughtfulness and construction of his kits." -- P.G.

MIDI-Sync IC: "I purchased a couple of these several months back for the Mikado
project Jim Johnson and I have been working on.  The chip is Great! Works as advertised,
plugged it in, it worked the first time...can't beat that!" -- J.P.

"I will have three racks of Blacet
modules - and at least one of each.  The creativity factor was the
tipping point.  I feel that your modules have a very creative
implementation of function (such as an ADSR that morphs into an LFO)." -- J.T.

Mini Wave: "I also find the Miniwave very useful, and alot of fun. There's the wavetable
samples in their pure form, and the quantizer function mentioned. These
functions alone are world's unto themselves. But also, as you imagined, you
can make all sorts of different fuzz distortion and phased or pulse width
modulated kinds of sounds. It fun to watch the waveforms on a scope to see
what you're hearing." -- K.H.

"You guys are a seriously classy act." -- C.G.

"In general I have to say that of the modules I've collected over the
past eight months (including Paia, Doepfer, Blacet) I enjoy working with the
Blacet modules the most.  This is mainly because of the additional features
(more knobs and jacks) that the other companies don't seem to incorporate
into their designs." -- M.T.

"Wow some service I just mailed it yesterday! Do I owe you anything for
service and shipping? Thanks for such excellent service. I have almost all of your modules
and they great to work with and this kind of extra service (is) above and
beyond. thanks again!" -- M.H.

"i just wanted to say that Blacet (www.blacet.com) has
gone far beyond my expectations in making me a happy
customer.  john is exceedingly helpful, friendly, and
very fast via email, and im amazed at his outstanding
customer service.  i could not imagine it to be any
better.  i cannot say enough good things.
i rarely post and usually don't keep up with the mass
of emails, but this is a worthy juncture." --S.W.

"Ya' know what John? You just do awesome work no matter what you touch!
I got the racks and the VCA today - they're _awesome_." --M.P.

"One last thing...  Of all the modular synth places I've had dealings
with I have to say you're still number one.  Good products, good service and
good advice." -- M.T.

"I own 12 Blacet modules - ten of which I purchased directly from John. I
have also purchased a few other items from him (PSCONNs and Miniwave ROMS on
several occasions) and his delivery has always been incredible - I got them
in all two days like clockwork (Blacet's operation is in the Bay area,  I'm
in LA).

He's a class act, he's totally on top of his game and designs one hell of a

Thanks JB - we all appreciate it!" -- P.G.

"Love the EG and Osc!" -- G.R.

"Also I wanted to complement you on the VCO. A professional grade VCO at a
musician friendly price is a real engineering achievement, congratulations." -- G.R.

Here's a link with photos from one customer building kits: