Cool Old Stuff!
(No longer available)

A Real "Groover" Fooger!
The Legendary 1980's Time Machine is Baaack....but not for long.

11-2005: End of Product Life.

  • Genuine BBD Analog Delay Line Technology for that "retro" sound. 
  • Delays From 10 mS to 2 Seconds
  • Bi-Phase Regeneration for Killer Flanging 
  • Voltage Control of Most Parameters: 
    1. Delay Time 
    2. Regeneration (Feedback) 
    3. Modulation Rate (40 S per cycle to 40 Hz) 
    4. Modulation Depth 
    5. Effect Depth (Cancel) 
  • Reset Input for Modulation Generator for Synchronized Effects 
  • Envelope Follower 
  • External Modulation Input. 
  • Modulation Mixer 
  • Dry/Effect Mix 
  • Compander Noise Reduction 
  • Switched Capacitor Tracking Filters for Wide Delay Range with Optimum Bandwidth 
  • Optimized for Audio Signals from 1V to 10V 
Power Requirements: 95 mA @ +15V, 75 mA @ -15V, regulated
Module Depth: 6.5"
Module Size: 5.25" H X 3" W
Delay Time Response: Exponential
CV Range: 0-10V, (0-7.5V for Delay, -5V to +5V for Regen.)
Audio Bandwidth: (Tracks delay time) 8 KHz to 400 Hz

Price: Blacet Kit $245
Assembled: $329
MOTM Kit: $308
MOTM Assy: $395

"....nothing else really like the Blacet Time Machine in terms of flexibility..from dubby, beautiful and smooth to extreme chaos...all voltage controlled it does about everything... truly an amazing design! ... It's incredible! " -- P.H. 

" the module yesterday and i LOVE it.  just the coolest thing i've played with in a long time.  very well worth the wait.  thanks once again and keep on kicking ass." -- A.D. 

"OK - I already have a Boss DM-3 analog delay but I had to get this one from John to see it work it's magic. My reaction? Quite a sweet little piece of gear !!!! I don't know where to start !

One of my Korg SQ-10 sequencers patched into the regen and delay with a simmons drum brain and I get a different delay value on each drum hit: NICE !!!!

I do really ambient stuff sometimes in small night spots and this really does throw a fresh curve into the mix !!!!

The two delays in series are great with the regen up - on one or both , I plant a "seed signal" and cut it off so it will regen though the Blacet T.M. and so on - A lot of "phantom harmonics" start to appear and trip over each other in the Blacet Delay.

Really rippin !! I've only begun to tweak !!!! I spent 4 1/2 hours with it when I got it - such a joy to use !!!! " -- W.H., St.Louis MO. 

"I still can't get over how great the Time Machine is...WOW! As flexible and EXTREME as I want and it even sounds beautiful at normal settings! Really nice! and well worth the wait." -- P.H.


Dark Star Chaos Noise Modulated Sound Generator  2000 

"...the MF of all Mod
sources/noise makers..." -DG

As bad as you want it to be ....welcome to CHAOS!
  • Analog synth module with versatile noise modulator 
  • Voltage controlled clock frequency pseudorandom noise generator 
  • Voltage controlled noise filter 
  • Noise modulated pulse VCO with VC pulse width modulation 
  • Envelope generator with gate, attack, and decay 
  • 3 RU high (5.25", 133.4mm) by 3" (76.2mm) wide; allow 7" (177.8mm) depth. Compatible with Paia FracRak. Voltage required: +/-12 to +/-15vdc regulated. Jacks: 1/8" (3.5mm). Panel is black anodized, with white lettering. 
"I've got two Dark Stars and they are among the coolest sound generators I've ever played with." --DT

"I received my Dark Star a few days ago and...WOW!!! What an AWESOME little box!!! I can't put it down! As a noise head, I'm sure one won't be enough pretty soon." --LG

"I recently put together a 22 module system and this is one of the best pieces in it IMO. It blends in perfectly with the more vanilla modules and all the VC stuff allows me to tweak and warp sounds out of basic VCOs and VCFs that I could never do otherwise." --DT2

When the Dark Star first appeared in 1982, the brochure had the following description:

"Need an amazing source of synthesized sounds at an absurd price? Here you go....a noise oriented prepatched minisynthesizer built around a powerful LSI chip. 

The Dark Star TM provides a digital noise source with variable clock, plus a noise filter, LFO, VCO, VCA and envelope generator; a whole panel of synthesizer modules in just a tiny 6 x 4 x 3" package... 

You can use it to simulate all those surf, wind, rain, cymbal, explosion, spaceships hurtling across the void and warping out type sounds. Careful design and wide range controls give you a real sound exploration tool; don't be fooled by the low price. Try it as a percussion kit addition, a drone voice, even as a modulation source. The Dark Star just doesn't sound like anything else--we guarantee it!" 

Unavailable for many years, the Dark Star now makes a swing through our planetary system...

This reissue of the Dark Star uses the same basic circuit and updates the design with expanded control ranges and CV inputs for the Noise Clock, Noise Filter, VCO and PWM. Use it as a standalone sound generator or interface it with a modular system for some truly wild sounds! 

With the interest in chaos theory and fractals in the past few years, this unit provides an excellent means to explore the effects of chaotic (noise) modulation. The results cover quite a wide range from the haunting to the apocalyptic...

The size has been altered to fit a 5.25 (3U) high standard rack space and has mounting holes drilled for the PAiA FracRak. (The DSC will sort of fit in the Doepfer system.  However, their rack case has 2mm lips on the top and bottom which makes their panel size 4mm smaller than standard. We can supply a Doepfer power connector at no extra charge.

The PCB and front panel are professionally designed and fabricated. All pots are PCB mounted--no panel wiring required except for the jacks. The kit includes all parts and assembly instructions. Note that a basic bipolar power supply is required. 


Front Panel Size: 5.25 x 3" W (Mounting holes and screws provided for Paia FracRack)
PCB depth required: 6"
Input/Output Jacks: 3.5 mm
Gate Input Level: 5 V*
CV Range: 0-5V *
VCO Range: 0-6.5 KHz (linear response)***
VCO Waveform: pulse with width modulation
Noise Clock Range: 50 Hz-32 KHz
Attack/Decay Time: up to 12 S
Output Level: 1 V**
Power: +/-12 to +/-15 Vdc @+25/-6 mA 

*All inputs will tolerate +/-15 V
**Up to 3 V with resistor change
***Not recommended for accurate keyboard tracking applications

Final Production Run on 10-03 (Rev B). Price $159 Assembled.

This is the "Classic" DSC with some new features such as Noise Clock/Noise Filter Output, three way Gate option switch and +/-5V output levels.

The Time Machine circa 1980

The Frequency Divider
circa 1977

The Syn-Bow
circa 1978

The Dark Star
circa 1979

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