Blacet Research Miscellaneous Products

RAK-3 Module Mounting System
Six inch deep, 19" rack mount compatible open frame. Optional right angle handles available.
Mounts up to 20 1.5" W modules.
All units come with worldwide universal +/-15V @800mA power supply and power distribution buss.

Rugged eight piece design ships easily and assembles quickly. Weighs only two pounds, 10 ounces.

Anodized or powder coated parts. PEM nuts for easy, fast assembly.

PSCONN3 Power Distribution Board

18 position power distribution board. Use standard module power cable to connect to power supply such as PS505, PS800, etc. (Any connector position can be used; center preferred.)

Board is 1.2" x 10". Uses 4-40 hardware (included).


Super Power Supply Cable Kit
Useful for adding DIY or custom modules to the Blacet power system, the Super Power Supply Cable Kit  allows you to make up to 12 18" module power cables. Kit includes 4 pin female connectors,  pins, heatshrink and quad 20 GA cable.

Requires crimp tool (Mouser 538-11-01-0015 or equiv.) (Jameco 227491)

Super Cable Kit:  $26
Super Cable Kit with Crimp Tool:  $49

Power output orientation; same for all Blacet Supplies.
(MOTM compatible. Same pattern, different connector for Paia Power Wings.)

Patch Cable Kit 1/8" (3.5mm) Builds 5 color coded cables. 

Make your own custom cables with our high quality kit! 

You get 10 metal 1/8" (3.5mm) connectors, 10' of extremely flexible, lightweight black coax and 5 different colors of heatshrink tubing. The coax is very easy to work with. 

You need basic electronic hand tools and soldering iron for assembly. Complete instructions included. 


Blank Panel Blank Panel #1: Standard 3" size panel, black anodized with 4 mounting holes and 12 .062 pilot holes punched in our standard pattern. Enlarge these if required for your project or use the panel as a blank filler.
DIYfp001: $12