What's New at Blacet Research: Winter 2016

Knobs Changing
The manufacturer of our knobs has been out of business for about five years. We bought a very large quantity of  knobs when this happened but our stock is now about 400 knobs. These will not last very long.
The most likely candidate for a new knob is very close to the original. It has the same "soft touch" pliable rubber coating and is identical in size. The differences are: smaller line width, fewer flutes , a slightly different step at the base of the knob, and a noticeably easier application pressure when pushed on the pot shaft.
Pictured below, the two center knobs are Blacet standard, the left knob is for a color check and the right knob is the new one.
Your feedback is appreciated.
Our plan is use the old stock until depleted and then advise customers that the new knob will be shipped.
Of course, if you are concerned about the appearance of your modular, then you may wish to make purchasing decisions quickly.

Five Input Mono/Stereo Mixer with Pan and Master Level.
Two optional stereo channels for inputting keyboard, CD player, computer, drum machine, etc.
Stereo or mono outs. Stereo earphone out.
Frac and/or Euro power connector!

PS800 Standalone Power Supply
+15V/-15V @ 800/800 Ma
Worldwide power with no adjustment. More power, less weight. More efficient and "Green".
For DIY boxes or fits back of original Raks for PS505 replacement.
Use with distribution boards such as PSCONN3.

See the online order page.